Rennik-Jan Neggers (1993, Helmond, The Netherlands) is an upcoming stage-director in music theatre. This season he will make his main-stage debut in Germany with the production The Apple Tree (Bock) at Stadttheater Bremerhaven and stage Transformations (Susa) at the Dutch National Opera Academy. With his chamber opera group SALIX kameropera he recently created the celebrated production The Bear (Walton) which is still touring. He studied Regie für Musik- und Sprechtheater, Performative Künste with Professor Sebastian Baumgarten at the Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich.

Before pursuing his interest in theatre, he graduated as Master of Science in Cultural Sociology from the University of Amsterdam in 2016. During a stage-directing internship with David Bösch at the Dutch National Opera (DNO), he acquired his first theatre experiences in opera. At DNO he then got to know the chief-dramaturg Klaus Bertisch and subsequently worked for him as assistant-dramaturg. Here, he also worked as assistant stage-director for the production Juditha Triumphans staged by Floris Visser. Simultaneously, Rennik-Jan started to focus more on staging his own projects, mainly in music theatre but spoken theatre as well. In the past years he made productions for the Dutch National Touring Opera (Die schöne Magelone, Brahms), the Dutch National Opera Academy (Un mari à la porte, Offenbach), the Delft Chamber Music Festival, the Theaterakademie August Everding (Ariodante, Händel | Das tote Brügge, Rodenbach | Pierrot Lunaire, Schönberg | Geschichten, die keine sind, Musil) and SALIX kameropera (Non muore mai, Respighi | Le Bal Masqué, Poulenc). SALIX kameropera is theatre group for young opera talents that he started and of which he is the artistic leader. Over the past years he participated in workshops by Andreas Homoki, Ted Huffman, Katie Mitchell and Jan-Philipp Gloger.