Pierrot Lunaire

Pierrot Lunaire – Three times seven poems from Albert Girauds Pierrot. Night upon night her famous hit sounds in the theatre, but it has been a long time since it has been raining ‘rote Rosen’. The venues get smaller and every time more and more seats remain empty. The silver sequin dress, the wig and the fan post … Continue readingPierrot Lunaire

Non muore mai

Studio Salix – Non muore mai is a one-woman opera in one act. It shows the experience of a young woman forced to make a drastic decision. Does she chose the life of her unborn child of that of her own?

Songs and piano solos by Ottorino Respighi and Alfredo Casella, complemented with texts from Sylvia Plath … Continue readingNon muore mai

Das tote Brügge

Theaterakademie August Everding – Das tote Brügge is a play in three scenes based om the novel by Georges Rodenbach. A man meets a woman with an uncanny resemblance to his late wife. In each other they both find an unfulfilled need. The understanding they agreed upon gets heavily tested because of his desire to slowly turn … Continue readingDas tote Brügge

No happy ending

Dutch National Opera Academy – The story of a murdered father, a daughter in mourning, a useless husband, a deceived woman and a broken wife. All because a single man! A man who left a trail of destruction everywhere he went, and has felt no remorse, not even for one single moment.

Arias from Così fan tutte and Don Giovanni by … Continue readingNo happy ending


Grachtenfestival – In Ebb, the breath is embedded in the fabric of the music, where the player and instrument are as one, breathing together, from the beginning. What initiates the sound or where the sound is generated is unclear at first.
The structure of the work is underpinned by an adaptation of the poem a word broke written … Continue readingEbb

Tell me the truth about love

Delft Chamber Music Festival – Every neighbour, philosopher, hairdresser, intellectual, brunette, ex-relation and many others think they know the truth about love. But can we even speak of truth when discussing love? It has been attempted to understand this phenomenon by thinking about it, by discovering it or by recording it … Continue readingTell me the truth about love


Studio Salix – Kitchen scenes consists of 4 miniature operas. These miniatures do not tell one narrative, but rather four individual stories. Stories of characters who do not seem to have anything in common except the location of their stories: the kitchen.

Music from Berg, Britten, De Corte and Poulenc. … Continue readingKeukentaferelen

Jedermann Monologe

De Nationale Opera Lunch – Sechs Monologe aus Jedermann is performed as mise-en-espace. The piece is written for baritone, but in this rendition it will be interpreted by alto giving the piece a completely different sentiment. The story is a morality about a person on the path to its death. It has … Continue readingJedermann Monologe

A date with fate

Dutch National Opera Academy – The story of four individuals who each get confronted with fate at a different moment in their lives. Every single one of them handle this confrontation uniquely. Some embrace their fate, whereas others keep hoping their fate will not persevere … Continue readingA date with fate

Bring me your love

Dutch National Opera Academy – Harry visits his wife Gloria. They have been denied contact for four months to benefit the recovery of her mental condition. Gloria’s committal has been abrupt, and Harry has no idea what he will be confronted with … Continue readingBring me your love