Staging and costumes

SALIX kameropera

Het Motorblok, Zaandam – 12 August 2023
Likeminds (Grachtenfestival), Amsterdam – 13 August 2023
Kunstlinie, Almere – 12 November 2023
Perron-3, Rosmalen – 13 November 2023
Theater Kikker, Utrecht – 17 December 2023
Zaal 3, Den Haag – 18 December 2023
Zaal 3, Den Haag – 19 December 2023
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The Bear, an extravaganza in one act by William Walton (1902-1983)

The widow Popova has a full-time job mourning for her late husband. Even though her butler Luka points out it has been years ago since this happened, she remains inconsolable. When yet again a tantrum is triggered by a random memory, the doorbell rings. An old friend, Smirnov, of her late husband has come to collect an old outstanding debt. Popova has no knowledge of this debt and tries to stall for time. Smirnov does not accept this en decides to wait on her sofa until the debt is paid. Smirnov’s rudeness brings Popova to exclaim: “You sir, are a bear! A brute! A monster! A bear!”. Aggrieved by this words he challenges her to a duel. She gladly accepts but requires a tutorial on how to use a pistol. During the demonstration the tension between the two increases. Will a bullet be fired or will cupid’s arrow be shot?

Musical direction: Ben Weishaupt
Staging and costumes: Rennik-Jan Neggers
Set: Anouk Boon (Zaparoya Design)
Light: Vincent Hoogstra
Artistic cooperation: Judy Lijdsman

Popova: Lucie van Ree
Smirnov: Jorne van Bergeijk
Luka: Fabian Homburg

Understudy Smirnov: Fredrik Essunger

Piano: Ben Weishaupt
Viool: Natálie Kulina
Percussie: Helmer Bijl
Fagot: Noortje van Doorn
Harp: Michela Zanoni

pictures by Veerle Bastiaanssen


Interview by Trouw with Rennik-Jan Neggers on chamber opera and sustainability

“Neggers abundantly incorporates references and associations that keeps the audience laughing continuously.”

Review of The Bear


Interview by Het Parool with Rennik-Jan Neggers on comedy and intuition in opera

The staging of Rennik-Jan Neggers worked effectively in the circular set-design. The jokes landed well in the sold-out venue, as proven by the chuckles and laughter.

****-star review of The Bear


Interview by NRC with Rennik-Jan Neggers and Lucie van Ree on sustainability in opera [4/8/23]

“Neggers and his singers have combined all these elements into an infatuating, cheerful and yet relevant chamber opera.

Review of The Bear