The Grape

Staging and libretto

L’Opéra Orchestre National de Montpellier

Salle Molière, Montpellier

The Grape by Daniel Lee Chappell (2022)

THE GRAPE is a narrative-based short-story that playfully reflects upon the perishableness of life and on the meaning of life. We are all familiar with that one specific family member that would take any opportunity to claim and emphasize that they ‘won’t live to see tomorrow’ or ‘will be long gone by that day’. The characters in this short-story have taken this fatalistic take on life to extreme forms and have started arranging their passing for a specific date. Periodically a small group of these like-minded persons convene to discuss their progress in passing. In one of these meeting the question arises: what if their predictions won’t be fulfilled.

Musical direction: Sora Elisabeth Lee
Staging: Rennik-Jan Neggers
Light design: Mathieu Cabanes
Curation: Ted Huffman and Sivan Eldar

Woman – Anthea Pichanick
Man – Fabien Hyon