Concept and Staging

De Nederlandse Reisopera (Dutch National Touring Opera)

This is an actively touring production. Please check the website of the Dutch National Touring Opera for upcoming performances.

Die schöne Magelone, Op.33, by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
complemented with songs from Corry en de Rekels and various texts assembled by Rennik-Jan Neggers

Magelone and Peter have been together for quite some years. They met at a campsite in the South of France as teenagers and had a beautiful holiday romance. Since they have been together, they have returned to the same campsite year after year, and they book the exact same spot next to the big palmtree. For Peter their life is smooth sailing: safe, comfortable and predictable. Isn’t that what love is all about? Magelone feels like their relationship is in a rut and her frustrations are welling up more and more every single day. The same music… the same campsite… the same routine…
Being at this campsite once more, now with all of her deliberations, leaves Magelone torn between the daily grind of the now and the tempting romance of her memories of the past.

Concept and Staging: Rennik-Jan Neggers
Set and costume design: Marleen Johow
Dramaturgische preparation: Nicolas Franciscus
Light design: Lianne Eikelenboom
Repetitor and musical direction: Ben Weishaupt

Magelone: Vera Fiselier / Franske van der Wiel
Peter: Jacques de Faber / Vincent Kusters
Piano: Ben Weishaupt

pictures by Annina Romita


Interview by Tubantia with Rennik-Jan Neggers about the production


Interview by the Dutch National Touring Opera with Rennik-Jan Neggers and Ben Weishaupt [15/7/20]

“Neggers connects the so-called ‘low’ culture with ‘high’ culture in a self-evident but inexplicit way… We get treated to a refined miniature on the power of lasting love.”

Review of Magelone & Peter