Non muore mai

Concept and Staging

Studio Salix

CC Amstel, Amsterdam – 20 April 2020 (cancelled due to Corona)
Hoftheater, Amsterdam – 1 May 2020 (cancelled due to Corona)

Songs and piano solos by Ottorino Respighi and Alfredo Casella, complemented with texts from Sylvia Plath.

Non muore mai [He never dies] is a one-woman opera in one act. It shows the experience of a young woman forced to make a drastic decision. The realisation that she is pregnant, unexpectedly and unwillingly, troubles her mind as she does not want to share her life with the father of the unborn child. She can’t even stand the sight of him anymore. She has to choose. The choice is hers and hers only. Does she chose the life of her unborn child or that of her own? As soon as the decision is made, mourning is the only thing that can give her redemption.

Concept and Staging: Rennik-Jan Neggers
Dramaturgy: Nicolas Franciscus
Light design: Jasper Nijholt
Set and costumes: Caroline Palmen and Rennik-Jan Neggers

Channa Malkin (soprano)
Judy Lijdsman (voice)
Reinild Mees (piano)

pictures by Veerle Bastiaanssen