Concept and Staging

Studio Salix

Theater Crea, Amsterdam

Miniature 1 – Der Wein, Alban Berg
Miniature 2 – Songs from Britten and Händel, text from John Donne
Miniature 3 – Songs from Jules de Corte, text from Remco Campert
Miniature 4 – Songs from Poulenc, Hahn and Fauré

Kitchen scenes consists of 4 miniature operas. These miniatures do not tell one narrative, but rather four individual stories. Stories of characters who do not seem to have anything in common at first sight. It is the location in which the miniatures take place that connects these four characters. The location in question is ‘the kitchen’. The kitchen is the central spot of a house where everybody is drawn to. The spot where a great deal of daily and seemingly insignificant routines take place. The place where people discuss and process what has happened in life outside of the kitchen. These miniatures tell stories that could have occurred in anyones kitchen. More on:

Jelena Popovic (piano)
Miniature 1 – Björk Níelsdóttir (soprano)
Miniature 2 – Mitch Raemaekers (tenor)
Miniature 3 – Jorne van Bergeijk (baritone)
Miniature 4 – Frederik Palmen (soprano), Nicolas Franciscus (actor)