Jedermann Monologe

Concept and Staging
with Klaus Bertisch

Nationale Opera & Ballet Lunchconcerts

Foyer Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam

Sechs monologe aus Jedermann by Frank Martin
Urlicht by Gustav Mahler

Sechs Monologe aus Jedermann is performed as mise-en-espace. The piece is written for baritone, but in this rendition it will be interpreted by alto giving the piece a completely different sentiment.
The story is a morality about a person on the path to its death. It has to renounce all earthly possessions and will not receive any support from family or friends. They all became alienated from Jedermann due to his desire for goods. The only friend willing to help is the character ‘hope’. Jedermann did not maintain this relationship and hope can therefore only join him on his journey to the Almighty if she gains strength. Jedermann can only achieve this by settling his accounts on earth. The ending of this journey is not included in the monologues, which made us decide to add Urlicht by Mahler to symbolise the unification with ‘paradise’.

Jedermann – Ingeborg Bröcheler (alto)
Mother – Esther Linssen (mezzosoprano)
Voices – Esther Linssen (mezzosoprano), Nick Deroo (mime)
Piano – Mirsa Adami