Bring me your love

Concept and Staging

Dutch National Opera Academy

Sweelinckzaal, Conservatory of Amsterdam

Arias and songs by Mozart, Britten, Lalo & Händel
complemented with freely adapted excerpts from a Charles Bukowski short-story.

Harry visits his wife Gloria. They have been denied contact for four months to benefit the recovery of her mental condition. Gloria’s committal has been abrupt and Harry has no idea what he will be confronted with. It seems to him as if Gloria is as usual, despite the fact that she is unreceptive for his kind gestures. Also, she keeps asking for ‘the conductor’, but Harry tries to see past this. He attempts to get through to her, but the more he tries, the more Gloria seems to rant. Dreary, and perhaps naively hopeful, he returns to his motel searching for comfort. Late at night, when Harry is asleep, the phone rings. It is Gloria…

Zachery Vandermeulen (tenor)
Polly Leech (voice-over)
Peter Nilsson (piano)